I have ordered a HMP5000/12 from Ebuyer and whilst I am awaiting for the delivery I wanted to check to make sure it will work, originally I thought it would as soon as I saw the DLNA feature but I am not getting definite answers from anybody, so thought I would try here.

What I want to achieve is this:

Currently I have a 2TB USB Hard Drive with hundreds of films in multiple formats (mp4, MKV etc) and as the PS3 only understands FAT32 File Types the current Hard Drive is not recognised, I have tried copying files onto a FAT32 Formatted thumb drive but the restrictions of the file system will not let files larger than 4GB be copied. SO...... I wanted to install the HMP5000 onto my home network, hang the USB Hard Drive out of the back of it and then browse from my PS3 for any media on my network (DLNA enabled) and stream them. A pretty simple question but nobody at Ebuyer or Philips would commit to an answer, so I am hoping someone out there will tell me if my solution will work or do I need the HMP7001 or something like this http://www.ebuyer.com/289780-wd-tv-l...FcHHtAodOScAYA