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    Angry Help Please! Problems Pairing


    I just got my brand new Shoqbox SB7200 as a birthday gift the other night. I am generally very savvy with electronics and computers but I am having a big problem getting it to pair with my iphone 4 OR my Mac OSX laptop....

    The first time I started it up I followed the directions and it paired perfectly with my iphone 4 (I was at my Fiances apartment). It said "successfully Paired" and I played music wireless through my iphone 4 and the shoqbox. Everything went off without a hitch ,so I put the Shoqbox away and brought it back to my house the following day. Now when I start up up the Shoqbox WILL NOT PAIR with ANY of my devices.... I don't understand, is it the change in location or what? I love the product and would love to not have to return it but Ive tried everything, I reset it and went through the prompts again and again,

    Press mode button for English (I do)
    Ready for pairing (I turn on Bluetooth from off to on, select the shoqbox connection and get "Connection is Unsuccessful, Make sure Shoqbox is turned on or in range" on my iphone 4. I also get an error message on my MAC laptop when trying to pair on its Bluetooth "The device does not have the necessary services".

    Also, after saying "ready to pair" the blue light is flashing.
    I charged the shoqbox twice and made sure one of the two bluetooth devices were turned off when trying to pair.I don't get it, It was working fine at my fiances house and it was handled very easily. Please let me know what I should do!?

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    Please try forgetting the device in your phone and then reboot the phone and pair again.

    Kind regards,
    Philips Moderation Team

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