My TV model is 47PFL7403D from 2008. I have a new DELL I-5 PC with Windows 7. I have followed the manual instructions but cannot get the PC screen image(s) or sound to appear on TV. The PC sees the TV under Hardware & Devices; and the TV sees the PC, under HDMI-3 it shows PC, but still shows 'no signal' on the upper right of blue screen.

I have no issues with other TV's, picture and sound work immediately after I change the input to whichever HDMI port PC is connected to.

Only other thing I've noticed is manual shows MODE SELECTION and options of HDTV or PC, whereas when I go to same page in TV option of MODE SELECTION is missing?

Is there an easy way to fix this? I've been trying now for 4 days!

Thanks, Bloke1