I have several Problems using my Phillips VOIP855 Skype seems to be fine, but I am having a heck of a time trying to setup the POTs service.

We only have a 6 digit number and the first 2 digits represent (most of the time), the island that we live on. Raiatea the island I live on uses 66 as our island number, and then the 4 digits being the telephone number, some islands have more than one island id group. I am trying to get the telephone set up for this and am not making it happen... Sometimes I have a dial tone (????) and then there is times (like right now) where I have none and cannot call out. As this is my only telephone I truly need it for both options...

I also have a large block of contact requests, most of which I absolutely do not want, and I am trying to clear out this box. Some ot those contacts clear immediately, but others tell me that the removal failed.... How do I rid myself of these, and is it possible to delete the entire block?

I am also having a problem with batteries. I have replaced the batteries 3 times and am ONLY using Rechargable ones of very good quality, but for some strange reason sometimes the batteries show low, and the telephone reboots constantly.... I remove the batteries and replace them and the phone works for a little while immediatelyt thereafter and then the problem starts all over again... This is not days it is in minutes after replacing fully recharged batteries....

Any help from anyone knowledgeable would be greatly appreciated.

Ken Jackson