We have bought a brand new TV and have never been able to connect to the Smart TV. We should have taken it back to the shop, but instead we called the Technical Support who after taking our TV away for a few days delivered it back saying that we should wait for an update. We have been waiting for two months now for an update and still cannot connect to the Smart TV. This was the whole reason for purchasing the TV in the first place and now we feel we have been duped and there is nothing we can do about it. Does anyone have any ideas? The Technician seemed to think it was something to do with having a Dynamic IP address instead of a Static one, but the last update for our TV should have addressed this issue but hasn't. Also, before we handed over the TV we could connect our iPhones and iPad to the TV and now we can't. Can anyone help us as we feel Philips is pretty rubbish so far..?