Model: 42PFL5405H/12
SW: Q5521- (earlier as well)
Summary: Auto-fill and auto-zoom feature doesn't work on HDMI after power cycle.

Description: I use auto-fill picture format with my set-top-box connected to HDMI. However, when TV is powered off and powered back on, auto-fill (auto-zoom as well) feature doesn't work anymore on HDMI source (works on internal DVB-T). The only way how to make it work is to add fake device on another HDMI, switch to that fake source and then switch back. So every time I turn on my TV I have to switch to HDMI2 and then back to HDMI1. Is it possible to fix this bug in next SW release?

This is very annoying bug for me since I have bought Philips because of this feature.

I would like to mention that I'm very disappointed with local Philips support in Slovakia. I reported this bug and their reply was completely useless (...not all functions are supported on HDMI....bla bla bla...). I replied with request to forward this crystal-clear bug to R&D and they didn't answer anymore.