hello all.

I've recently added a Zotac nano AD12 on my Zotac nano AD12 on my philips 42pfl8404h/12. The Zotac functions like Media PC for movies via windows 7 (all updates are installed including all drivers from the Zotac website) professional 64 bit and XBMC as media software.

This is connected via HDMI to the TV.

The problem is as follows: if I put a movie on it changes the image at any time during playback. The screen will then complete green light for about one second. Then I return to the film image but with a very strange color (almost all light blue with some dark moving objects from the film) when I had nothing to do after a few minutes he jumps back to normal colors. if I swap source (if only one second) the weather is good, if I have the hdmi off and do it well, and when I turned off the TV and the weather is good.

Now I immediately thought of a driver problem, or maybe even a problem with the GPU of the Zotac itself. I have my computer monitor (same resolution as your TV) to be hung via the same HDMI cable .. no problem hours watching ..

anyone have any idea what this could be?

like all tips are welcome.


photo from the screen when the weird collors appear.