So my TV is defective and it all begun with resets. The registered error was about HDMI being defective (controller TDA*** something - code 43 if I remember exactly). The set could go on normally a whole day, but then after a turn off turn on cycle, it just couldn't start, or after a while the colours were suddenly inverted. From all I learned from other forums and service manuals and such, there is a possibility to take out 3B41 and 3B42 out of the circuit and disable HDMI, but then picture won't turn negative again.
In the meanwhile I did a mistake: I set Ethernet ON and now tv won't start and does not have an image, nor does it blink any error code. It starts with blue led, stays on for about 1 minute or so, then resets, stays again on (only blue led) for few seconds, and then shuts itself down.
All I'm asking is if there is any possibility to reset that Ethernet option OFF as it was, but without using any special tools like ComPAIR II interface. I guess that now the option codes has changed, although I did not change the option codes directly. Is there a way to reset the original option codes again by means of usb files or RC codes combined/maybe combined with TV set button commands? Chasis is JL2.1E AA. I think that this is still a great TV and I'd like to save it if possible. Thanks for any input.

Best regards.