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    Lightbulb WAC7500 Not Starting up due to Faulty Capacitors

    All our WAC7500 systems are getting on now and becoming unreliable. Mine has had the CD player pcb replaced last year and when I returned from holiday last month, it would not startup (red LED staying on). I opened it up and checked the hard disk which was OK. I then opened up the power supply. I found 4 of the capacitors faulty. After replacing the capacitors all is well. Also the display is much sharper now. I changed the hard drive for a laptop type as I was fed up with the hard drive starting up randomly when not turned on (system is in my bedroom). As it would not need so much cooling I also removed the fan - silence all night now and I do not need to worry about the hard disk failing as I can easily make another clone of the original.

    Capacitors are cheap and easy to replace by someone not afraid of a soldering iron. Once you have got at the power supply pcb look at the top of the capacitors for any signs of bulging. Any that are not flat need replacing. Ideally they should be replaced with the same value capacitor and polarity has to be kept the same. As I did not have the same types as came out I used slightly higher values and they are OK. Do not use lower rated capacitors - especially not lower rated voltages.

    When buying capacitors go for high quality - 105 degrees C temp rating and a long life expectancy. A good make is Panasonic. Cheap ones will work but not last as long. Hope this helps someone to bring their dead WAC7500 back to life.
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    Dear chang,

    Thank you for your constructive input. However, Philips does not encourage self-repair for a number of reasons:

    1. Self-repairing may cause the warranty to be voided (for all our devices, not only this model).
    2. Philips discourages self-repair for Health and Safety reasons.
    3. Philips will not be held liable for any safety issues caused after self-repair.

    We encourage all repairs to be done by professional repair centre. Please consider your safety first before attempting any self-repair.

    Kind regards,
    Rafal W.
    Philips Moderation Team
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