My philips device was working fine ever since i got it and i liked it alot. One day the device drops to the floor so i pick it up and check if it is still working. It was still working fine, no visible damage anywhere, and it was still playing music. The Next day as i am listening to a song, the song stops. I check to see why and i look at the screen and it is frozen. I then reset the player, and it happens again, actually keeps happening. I decide to just turn the device off and leave it alone for a day. The day after i leave the device alone, i try many times to turn the device on, but it doesn't turn on. I tried charging it, and the device still does not turn on.

I tried repairing the device, using the Philips Songbird software on the computer, but since the device doesn't turn on, the "repair my device" app doesn't notice the device has been connected to the computer.

I really have no idea what is wrong with my GoGear 3 connect device.

Please someone help