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    SHD8600 Digital Headphone Problem

    A few days ago I purchased Philips Digital Wireless Headphones (SHD8600). They connect and work well on my stereo. However, I'm having problems with connecting them to the TV. My TV (a Samsung LCD model LA32B350F1D) doesn't have a headphone socket and so according to the instruction book it requires an extra cable (labeled ‘G’)where one end has a socket for the jack to go into and the other end has the red and white audio plugs that you then connect to the back of the TV. I took a trip back to Dick Smith to get said cable. The sales guy suggest that instead I should get the cable that has the red and white audio plugs at both ends and then plug one end into the back of the TV and the other into the base unit of the headphones. Even though I'm technically challenged it made sense to me because to my way of thinking it's simply bypassing the socket and jack connection but for some reason I can't get it to work. With the ATT switch set to -8dB I get absolutely no sound at all. With it switched to 0dB I get a very low quiet buzzing type sound. I tried plugging it into both sets of R-audio-L component in plugs on the back of the TV but neither works. I am now on a course of treatment and medication that prevents me from driving so I'm not sure when I'll be able to get back to Dick Smith so if anyone could provide any suggestions on why it isn't working or anything else I could try I would be most appreciative.

    Edited to add - I have since been advised that it looks like both sets of R-audio-L component in plugs on my TV seem to be audio in only not audio out. The only plug on the rear of the TV that seems to be an output one is the Digital Audio Output (optical) one.
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