I've bought the 42PFL4007H/12 and connects the Digital Audio Out to my stereo amplifier. On HDMI 1, I've connected a Media Player. When I start to play a video or audio file, the sound content can be heard immediately on the TV speakers, but through the stereo amplifier, the sound will only be heard around 1 sec later. This is annoying because I will miss out a small portion of the sound if the TV Digital Audio Out is used. This always happen if I stop and start to play the video/audio file.

If I use the Digital Audio Out from the Media Player instead from the TV, the problem is not there. So I can say it's not due to my stereo amplifier setup or the Media Player.

The TV is using the latest software that I've downloaded from the website. The version is Q554E_0.96.0.0.

Hope to have a solution to this problem soon. Thanks.