I have posted a question in BluRay with no response, so let me try to ask this question in a simple and direct way. I have two Philips DVD Players that easily recognize my external HDD or flash drives through the USB Port. Both these players will not accept a xvid or .divx movie through the USB port above the standard DVD resolution of 720 x 576 or similar.

720 x resolution is not really that common anymore for movies, with 1280, 1920, 1020, very common. I just odered a Philips BDP3406F7 which according to Philips chat says USB HDef movies above 720 x are no problem through the USB Port connection. USB Resolution support for videos is not listed in the manual. Called support today and they don't know.

So, maybe someone out there doesn't have to speculate and tell me which specific Philips model you have that will play HDef movies above 720 x through your USB Port, xvid, MKV, or Divx extension. I would appreciate answers from people who have done this and not just guessing. I have never had a problem with my Philips Players ever reading an external USB HDD.

If you view the manual it specifically shows very HDef from a DVD Drive, but leaves you in limbo on the USB. As a matter of fact, almost all BluRay and DVD manufacturers prefer to not tell you USB resolution maximums.

Thanks in advance.