Hi there,

I'm the lucky (or not ?) buyer of a Philips 32PFL6057 TV (2012, firmware: QF1EU- 17/12/2012).

However, I'm not exactly satisfied of the TV as a DLNA Digital Media Renderer. Using MyRemote on Android tablet, I'm sometimes able to find the PhilipsTV (and so push music to it), sometimes not ... My TV and the others devices (tablet, DLNA enabled NAS, ... are all on the same subnet, connected through wire/Ethernet).

So I downloaded the UPnP debugging tools suggested by Intel from here: http://opentools.homeip.net/dev-tools-for-upnp
Using these tools, combined with a network sniffer (Microsoft Network Monitor), I now have a better overview of what's occurring:
- first, it seems the TV never answer to SSDP SEARCH messages sent by others DLNA clients (like the debug client of the UPnP test suite). So basically, when I start any DLNA client, the TV is usually not found on the network, which is my main problem from a usability point of view.
- however, if I disable then re-enable DMR in the network settings on the TV, then the TV suddenly become visible. Using the sniffer, I can confirm that corresponding SSDP NOTIFY messages are broadcasted over the network. But this defeat the purpose of having a DMR enabled, if I have to enable/disable it each time I need it !
- finally, if I keep the DLNA client searching on the network for long time, it finally manage to find the TV, more precisely after 15 minutes (see screenshot below). This is because the TV broadcasts new SSDP NOTIFY messages every 15 minutes !
So my questions:
- is it normal behaviour ? (I suppose not, but well ...).
- if not, how can I force the TV to broadcast itself more regularly ?

Attached is the screen capture of the network trafic (SSDP trafic):
Click image for larger version. 

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Basically, we can see in top panel the SSDP NOTIFY messages, occurring at 19:59 then 20:14 (so every 15 minutes). And in the lower panels, the SSDP message details, as broadcasted by the TV (IP is

Thanks in advance for any advice !