I've only had the TV (46pfl9705k/02, software level 140.25) a few weeks and have most of the features I want working.
The TV is connected to my home wireless network (airport extreme & express), on which there are two macs and a Western Digital Live NAS. With "Browse PC" I see EyeConnect (from Elgato) and the Twonky link in the NAS and can watch most of the recordings. Unfortunately, when I select certain recordings I get the error message : "Unsupported file: not able to to execute." .

All the recordings were made with EyeTV on the same iMac so I had a look the packages (file type .eyetv) and realised that they were over 4GB (a 90 minute HD from the BBC or ARD take about 9GB).
I can watch them (mac to mac) using EyeTV so the speed of the link is not the problem.

Has anyone had this problem or read that Philips' software has a problem streaming large-ish files?


p.s. why is the performance of "Browse PC" glacial?