Hi all!

I hope this is the right place to post this, couldnt find anywhere else that looked right!

Im quite happy with this tv, its the first lcd ive had for tv viewing. Took me a while to set it all up but now it looks great. Thing is, the sound is pathetic. I bought this tv because it advertised the 'virtual 20W' speakers or something.

Well either mine fell off in transit or they arnt turned on. Pushing up the bass has little to no effect and its the same with the treble. Im also fairly sure the 'ambience' has no effect either. Music sounds absolutely terrible, like someone is singing into a tin can.

I hope im missing something obvious here. Theres no deep bass whatsoever! My Old Panasonic big fat tube tv was so much better than this its unbelieveable, sound wise I mean.

It looks like im going to have to hook the tv up to my staereo but im hoping im missing something here as this tv sounds worse than a very small portable tv!