I have an IMAC with shared folders that can be accessed on a network. Can be accessed fine by all users.

I also share the folders with a Philips Media Player HMP/5000 which allows you to stream media via wifi from your network. I have had no issues with it streaming from the Mac up until yesterday when I upgraded to Maverick Operating. System. Now when I try to access the shared folders the Philips Media Device wants a Network Login and Password which it never wanted before. I changed none of my file sharing permissions and everything is as it was. I don't understand why all of a sudden it wants a network login. I have tried my user name and password for my Mac but that doesn't work.

Nothing in the UserGuide for the Media Player talks about this. I contacted Philips and they said it is an issue with my computer not letting me access the files.

I am wondering if the upgrade to Maverick has somehow changed some sort of settings somewhere which no longer allows this device to access the shared folders?

My file Sharing is on and states that everyone has access. My firewall is turned off.

Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated.