Since i have bought the aw9000 speakers in december 2012, i have continiously problems with the wireless connection between my laptop and the speakers. Don´t think this has anything to do with the wifi connection itself, because that works al fine.

I think the problems lies with the Mediamanager software powered by Twonky. Sometimes the program stops by itself and then also the music stops playing. When you restart the program it takes a very long time before it recognizes the speakers and you can´t stream music towards the speakers. Sometimes this takes 5 to 7 minutes. Really very frustrating to work with this software that continiously shuts itself down.

Also when you select media out of a certain map/folder on your pc it sometimes disappears out of the waiting list of songs to be played.

It there an update coming out for this PC software, because this version doesn´t work properly. Does anybody else have these problems when you are using Mediamanager. Is there an alternative available? I would appreciate some suggestions or advise.

Kind regards,