Hello everyone!

I got my new set 2 days ago and the first I did was upgrade the FW to the last one I found in the support page. I have my set connected to the local network through a PLC with static IP. I am having problems finding the Windows Media Server 12 and play the media from my PC. Sometomes the TV find the server with no problem and sometimes the looking for media server appears on the TV and is not finding anything. Also, I was watching a video fo half an hour and suddlenly stops playing and the same screen of looking for media server appears.

Do you know what is going on?

I am quite happy with my TV set so far, but for ONE dead pixel it has!! Is is common to any of you have a dead pixel on it? Is there something I can do about it?

There is another thing. As being wathing tv for a while, the menus turn to move very slow. When switch the TV off and re-start, the menu speed return to normal. Do I have a faulty TV, is it happening to you too?

Thank you all.