Hello Philips, Toengel,

Funny to constat only proprietary format are playable on cheap cpu and none of the free format have powerfull enought cpu.
Funny to constat a 'container' format is hard to understand.
The response to this is easy
-fully describe the build process to get the autorun.upg
-or release an alternative unsupported version that you may use for feedback testing.

HDCP is dead. It's a matter of some years before a chineese manufacturer produce a chip with the master key, always saying "ok, send me your valuable data on the secure link" ;-)

For people reading this, HDCP is the main source of problem when connecting HDMI devices. Every device in the world have a bug free implementation of mpeg, of mp3, of h264. And HDCP comes on top of that to break simple things. Manufacturers decide by default that their customers are robbers. Yes no more. (http://www.abccables.com/info-hdmi-problems.html)

Software is the only component you can rely on to differentiate. Remember that. It will take ~five years to sort out wich one is good. Remember also that with the poor hardware design, a product is 4/5 years life before going to trash (ah green bashing marketing). Moving to another manufacturer is very fast.