I have had DS8550/37 for little over 2 years now. I did not do my research prior to buying a dock, so I had a Future Shop sales person recommend me this dock after I said I was looking for a Bluetooth and/or wireless connectivity as a main feature I was looking for. We have two iPhone 4 in the house, as well as first gen iPad, and we are hugely disappointed.

I have never been able to pair this dock via Bluetooth to any of my devices, not on iOS 5 or iOS 6. I have Sync in my car and it's always paired with my devices, so I know my devices connect flawlessly via bluetooth, just not with the dock.

Upon attempting to pair, bluetooth button on my dock will blink fast for a while, and then slow down, but the connection is never made with my phones or iPad. I do have bluetooth enabled on my phone and I keep it just a few inches away from the dock.

So it's not the distance from the dock, not my phone settings, and I'm never prompted for any "0000" passwords to pair devices. And you can imagine I have tried rebooting and cold resetting my phones, reinstaling Dockstudio many times, tried to pair while docked and when not docked and I think I have exhausted my options here.

Any help greatly appreciated to get this Christmas present doing what it was supposed to do.