Very new to this technology.
I want to connect my Philips LCD TV # 42PFL3603D/27 to the internet.
I have a Modem w/ Wireless Router that only has Ethernet connecting ports.
There are NO Ethernet ports on the TV.
I do not believe this TV has Wi-Fi capability installed.
I want to possibly connect to the router wirelessly via Wi-Fi Adapter.

Is there a USB Wi-Fi adapter that will work for my TV?
The adapters I find like the Philips Wi-Fi adapter model #WUB1110/00 does not list my TV model # as compatible with the adapter.

I have tried to locate some type of adapter to connect an Ethernet cable to a USB or HDMI port, but I have no luck finding this type of adapter.

Please help.
If the Wi-Fi adapter listed above will work on my TV please let me know.
If there are other alternatives to make this connection, such as another converting unit (Blue Ray, wii, DVD, etc.) I need advise.