I have a old GoGear Vibe 4GB SA1VBE04K/17 and a newer GoGear Vibe 8GB SA3VBE08K/37, on the 4GB model, the Playlist-on-the-go allowed you to enter all of the tracks loaded into the device memory. When trying to add tracks to the 8GB model, the system gave a message at 120 tracks 'Playlist-on-the-go [1] is full'. While reading the manual, I found the Songbird software has a 'Maximum number of tracks' setting for playlists (up to 200). With over 1500 tracks loaded into device memory, the limitation makes using playlists unnecessarily unwieldly. What is the rationale behind the limitation, and can it be removed to allow a single playlist to contain all of the tracks in the device memory?