Hi guys,

I bought this product 1 month ago (more or less) and I'd like to point out my main issues.
It is not a cheap device so I'm expecting more than I actually have
I can say I'm a bit disappointed about this and I here below list the reasons:

-I did some tests with it time ago and now I have some files inside MyShortcuts folder that I'd like to erase.
Which is my problem? I can't do that! It's impossible for me to erase some of them. WHY?
I did almost everything.. I also upgraded its firmware BUT these files are still there.
Is it possible to find and then try a kind of 'Hard Reset'?

-I have a couple of .flv files BUT the player doesn't even see them.
I even tried to plug my HDD to the player via USB. Nothing! Why?
Which is the next step I can try?

Thx to all of you