Hello everyone! First time posting in this forum after searching for my problem without results.

Pardon my phrasing, I´m from Sweden.

A while ago I bought a Sharp LED TV with HDMI ARC. I also bought a Philips HTS5561 sound system with ARC, as well as a 1.4 HDMI cable.

The sound is great (when it works), but when I turn my TV on, the sound system also starts up (which is normal) but there is no sound whatever button I push. As soon as the sound system is restarted, the sound is there and everything works fine.

The only way to make it work from the first startup is to turn the system on a couple of seconds before the TV set. Not exactly the way I want it to be, as I only want to use one remote for the sound and so on, you get what I mean. The wife gets very frustrated when there is no sound from the TV, go figure.

Another problem, that is probably related to the first problem, is that the sound will sometimes just suddenly shut off. It just goes quiet. Only way to get it back is to restart the sound system (TV still on the whole time). This sometimes happen after about 1 hour, sometimes after 4 hours, and sometimes it just works for days.

I have updated the software in both the TV and the sound system to the lates releases, but no luck.

Is this a common problem and is there something I can do about it myself? I would prefer not taking the system back to the dealer as I like it over all, apart from this nagging little problem.

Please let me know if you can share some wisdom in this question!

Thanks guys!

/ Daniel