I have following problems regarding the speaker volume settings in HTS 3538
i) How can I control speaker volumes while I am listening to CD/DVD music ?
Must I have a TV ( HDMI or any other ) connection to get setup menu to do this ?
ii) When I tried to control the speaker volumes (when watching a DVD movie through a HDMI connection) as instructed in
the user manual by going to
setup --> Audio setup --> Speakers volume --> Here it says "Menu is disabled" !!!!!

Please advice why this happens and how to rectify this?
iii) Where can I get more information on 5.1 speaker volume control and tribble/base settings???
iv) Once I set specific settings for each speaker for one source ( Say it is a 5.1 Audio CD ) do I need to
set the values again or is that configuration permennant?
v) I can hear sound for non 5.1 ( stereo ) radio channels through all 5 speakers and sub woofer.
How does it happen? What are the prerequisites for tunning the 5.1 speakers and the sub woofer???
( For example is it possible to tune speaker volumes even when I play a stereo stream ???

Why I am NOT getting any answer for nearly a month period from any one who conduct this forum???
Please explain ???
Thanks and regards,