I will repost my request (first time published in August 2012 ) again:

Another problem, that it should be resolved soon as possible thru a future software update: the possibility to delete manually an unwanted digital, analogue tv or radio channel.

Unfortunately, neither the latest firmware will not resolve this problem (the delete function is common at any, even the most crap , TV-set producers, not to mention the big ones.)

Rearranging the tv-channels in my PFL3017 is also a quite challenging and time consumer, the way (method) choosed by Philips to edit the tv-channels is far to be logical :

if I want to move a tv-channel (let say) stored at position 76, to position (let say) 33, the tv-channel, initially stored at position 33 will "jump" automatically to position 76. That's not good, the edited channel 33 should move only to position 34.

Not to mention that the tv-set response time is slow. Very slow, boringly slow.

Hope, that the new Japanese owner of Philips TV Division will dedicate much more attention to quality of the products that leaves the factory.

Sorry, to tell you about these, but they are are sad facts.