I am lately having a little issue with the PC Interface using Google Chrome (All version) on all my PCs & Laptops when I access MCI900 PC Interface.

I for example click HOME > HDD > MUSIC > MUSIC FOLDER > "Any Folder Name" ... and the interface instead of going into the folder it downloads an empty file with a name such as "nav$08$03$001$0" which is about 24KB in size.

Such a file name is the name of the link as it appears in the URL "http://192.168.xxx.xxx:8889/$08$03$001$0"

I tried clearing the cache / re-install chrome / update chrome ... etc ... but it does the same on all my computers

My computers vary from XP Pro / Vista / Windows 7 .... all do this from time to time but never happens on my android tablet or phone.

So to cut a long story short, the links are getting downloaded as files ! Can you please fix this issue compatibility with Chrome, mind that the PC interface does not work with IE or Firefox

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