I've been trying to help an elderly friend who has bought the same model SA3 Mp3 player.
Over the phone it's very difficult to direct someone but so far I have established she has no proper Home Screen.
It has the two musical notes and Music heading but scrolling down doesn't take it to Recordings Folder View Settings Last Played. It has a different set of headings concerned with items like All Songs.

Is this a fault? She has done the Firmware and Software updates using the Philips Device Manager.
When viewing the folders on her Windows 7 Explorer it doesn't show the same folders as mine, though it has FAQ and fscommand and Manual and Installer and Music but no DATA

I have tried all ways to get it to navigate to the Settings but there seems no way to get to it.

Does anyone know if this is a faulty item (just purchased) or whether there is something else that has to be done to make it display the way other examples of the same model do?

Thanks I hope you can answer this for me as it's taken over an hour on the phone to sort it all to no avail.