Hi Everyone,

I just bought a Philips PFL8007 and got a ps3 connected with HDMI.

The TV and ps3 should support dual-view gaming with the 3d glasses. The problem is: i can't figure it out!

On the ps3 I play Modnation Racer, a splitscreen game- and should be capable to support dualview, because they tested the dualview gaming with this game here: (dutch) http://tweakers.net/reviews/2385/6/p...ew-gaming.html

The two player option on the TV is active, but i theres no option for dualview.

I can switch to a overlay 3d mode: But then only the right or the left glas will show a normal image. (on both 3d glasses) And of course the player 1/2 button on the glasses won't help.

The TV and Ps3 have the latest software.

I tried the manual and google but couldn't find anything.

Can somebody tell me what to do?