I've just started using Deezer, but in the one two day I've been using it, I've already several times noted differences between the music content accessible through the AirStudio interface and the Deezer app. I'm using the same account in the two apps.

There has been missing songs and albums in far more than half the searches I've performed in the AirStudio app compared to similar searches in the Deezer app. Is it so that only a subset of the Deezer content is available through AirStudio or is this a problem with the search functionality in AirStudio?

If I search for artist "Lenka" in AirStudio and go to all albums, I don't see the album named "Lenka". It's there in the Deezer app.

I have not been able to find the album 21 by Adele in AirStudio, only some tribute album. Both albums are available through the Deezer app. I've searched both artists and albums for various combinations of "Adele" and "21".

Searching for Linda Pritchard returns two albums in AirStudio but four in the Deezer app.