1. Always forgot my settings.
1a. Selected language of subtitle will becomes menu (system) language (English) even I have selected into T.Chinese.
1b. The name of renamed input source will be reset to default suddenly.

2. Always go into the PVR list while switch on the TV if I attached the USB disk. This is extremely inconvenience that I must always disconnect the USB disk after switched off the TV, and then reconnect it before use time-shift function each time.

3. No short-cut / one button to switch into the specified input source. As the result, my universal remote control cannot switch into the specified input source automatically.

4. Don't know which mode is the customised picture / sound settings. Personal or Custom? Or any other else?

5. No "Skip input source" function. I cannot hide the other input source in the source menu even I have connected 2 HDMI devices only.

6. Some time, the remote control was lagged or even no response and this seems because of the firmware itself. Once exit the menu and then re-enter to the menu, everything becomes smooth suddenly.

P.S.: I don't know if someone care about this post in here because I cannot found my TV model in Philips website around the world!