Hello, I have Phillips 40PFL5505F/F7,
yesterday I decited to put the last firmware. The update was successful.
But After restart the TV (as they instruct) it will not have audio output from the digital audio output jack. There is a poping noise instead. I have sound only comming from the TV speackers. And this issue is only when I'm on TV as a source. If I change the source and go to my madia player which sound pass through the TV a well, I have no ussue. I don't have a cable TV. I use an Antena. It was working before the update. I'm sure that the issue came with the new firmware. My amplifier is analogue an I use a converter to have an analog signal. I spoke with phillips and they are trying throw it out on any other directions but their TV and the firmware update. So what do you think?

In two words. It is working, you do an update and it is not working anymore. What is te conclusion. Is it possible to have another explаnation ?

P.S. Sorry if I have to many mistakes, The english is not my language