tv: 55pfl8007T/12:

In DK we view all foreign language broadcasts with subtitles (with the exception of some childrens channels). So:

The black bar which is shown when adjusting the volume completely covers the bottom third of the screen - and consequently obscures the subtitles - which is extremely annoying!

On my 47pfl9703 there is an option to hide the "visual feedback" when adjusting the volume -- which I always set to "don't show".

Is there a similar option on the 8007 ? I haven't been able to find it.

If - for whatever reason - you insist on showing me the volume as a number (I have my ears to judge the volume - thank you) - could you please get rid of the black background and just show the volume icon somewhere in the upper left or right corner in a transparent background...

Mr. Ots

PS: I have noticed that the response to adjusting the volume is sometimes lagging behind -- i.e. I click four times on the remote -- and 2-3 seconds later the black bar appears to give me the (unwanted) feedback - which is even more annoying.