Not sure if this issue has been covered before, so I'm just gonna go ahead and ask.

I got my new TV today, a 32'' PFL3807, and followed the onscreen instructions; searched for channels and adjusted the picture and sound settings to my liking. All was well, took about five minutes and the set up was complete.

BUT, as I turned off the TV and then turned it on again, it asked my language and country of residence again! After that it searched for channels, and asked me to adjust the picture and sound settings. Okay, so I pressed the 'watch TV' button on the remote, and the settings went away and I was able to watch TV again.

So I can get away from the settings, and it seems to have saved the ones I made the first time round so I don't think I need to do them every time, but why exactly is the TV behaving like it's the first time installation every time I turn it on? Is it supposed to do that? Please help!