Dear Philips,
i need to receive a complete report on what is going on with your server.
I bought mi tv in the 2011 (pfl8605) and for 2/3 month the net tv was properly working.

Since the summer 2011 I have accessed NET tv two or three times after more than 10 attemps to connect.
I when i accessed, the tv display just the page regarding the registration.

I thought it was my fault and so i changed my router two week ago. Nothing changed.
I successed to access net tv registration page on saturday night 9th february 2013 after 10 attempts but just that one. No other pages has been displayed.
I bought this TV for two interesting features:
- ambilight;
- direct access to internet.

The last one is not working at all. Moreover, connected to it, i cannot access to the other feature regarding the Guide to Broadcast programming. The message is alwayd the same "Philips servers not available".

Please give me some clue on the internet access.
best regards