Hello , I have an 8605 3d ready I bought last year and just now was trying the 3d , I want to see if it works fine or I have some problem so I downloaded the video and loaded with the ps3 , useless to say it didnt load so I downloaded a free app and reconverted to mp4 , then loaded the video and a list of numbers appeared , I set the side to side 3d setting and I can always see the numbers just slight darker one and slight darker the other , if I set to cinema , they tend to disappear the first numbers also if I decrease luminosity , in equal measure , it doesn't seem to be like right eye different from the left I mean with left I see a certain degree of the left sequence and darker the right and viceversa in same way ... do I have a problem ? shoudl the whole set of numbers be invisible? or is ok if the first numbers only get invisible?