First of all, sorry for my English I will try to explain myself the best I can. I bought recently a Smart TV Philips model 32PFL4007D. I have the TV connected to my Wifi and I can perfectly watch videos on You Tube. Now I would like to search for videos in my local network. I have a PC with Windows XP that is connected to a modem which has Wifi. Also, I have a router which is connected to this PC that distributes the connection to the other PCs . Then, I have a PC with Windows 7 connected to Internet through the network cable . I have tried to search for servers, but the TV can't find none . I downloaded, installed and configured succefully "Twonky media manager" in both PCs. I tried also with Windows Media Player 12 in the PC with Windows 7 but I couldn't find any TV option. In the PC with Windows XP I can only use Windows Media Player 11 that doesn´t have TV integrated options. Any ideas?