I recently bought a new TV 37 PFL 6007k, which is connected by LAN (wired) to my router.
Its a quite nice TV and all internet connections and the connection to my TWONKY media server
(Mybook, 3TB Harddisk) usually work well.

It is however very annoying that the TV periodically "forgets" that has a wired LAN connection.
This has the effect, that eg. the connection to the TWONKY-server cannot be established.
The menu then displays a screen (in German):

"Schalten Sie Ihren Computer ein uns starten Sie Ihre Medienserver-Anwendung.
Der Fernseher sucht kontinuerlich nach einem Medienserver-Programm"

with only one option "Stoppen" (=stop) for infinit time (some 10 minutes).
(If this is done, of course no connection is established. )
My mediaserver is still running, however.

The only possibility to get it running again, is to completely set up the internet connection again.
I assume, this is a firmware error.
Could you please fix it, and inform me when it is fixed?

kind regards