I just acquired a Philips 42PFL5332D/37 TV. It connects fine to my Sony Blu-Ray player and PS3 via HDMI, but won't connect to my Dell XPS L502X laptop. I'm currently running firmware version EJ30U- on the TV, which is, as far as I'm aware, the most current version. My laptop's display drivers are also up-to-date. I've used the laptop's HDMI connection on other TVs without any issues (two LGs and a Vizio so far), but for some reason my laptop and this Philips TV don't want to get along.

It's not detecting on either end - my laptop isn't picking up that there's an external display connected, and the TV isn't showing any video or playing any sound.

Does anyone have any insight onto why this is happening and any ideas on how to fix it?