I registered here on the forum so I can share my persona experience with my Philips 32PFL8404 TV.

In 2009, I decided to buy a new TV...so I went in a local store and I saw this really cool Philips 32PFL8404 LCD TV for 789€. After some consideration and checking out a few other brands and models, I decided it was pretty good and bought it.
I was pretty satisfied with it, until one day, I discovered two lines (one horizontal and one vertical) across the screen. This happened about a week before my warranty period expired, so I decided to take it to the store, which sent me to a Philips customer care service. I left my TV there and they said it was a dead-pixel problem and the screen needed to be replaced. I didn't pay for it obviously, and after about two weeks they returned it to me, with an additional 3 month warranty on the screen.
About a month ago however (approximately 10 months after the repairs), 3/4 of the screen just decided to die-out at the same time, leaving only the top part working. I decided to take it again to the customer care service and asked about the problem and they said that it was once again "dead pixels". I was pretty surprised and asked how can it be that if I had a new screen placed just a few months ago, and they said that they placed a "recycled screen" instead of a new one, and that if I wanted a new screen, I'd have to pay 500€, or 200€ for another recycled one. I would like to mention that I was at no point told before that I was getting a used part placed in my TV before. So naturally, I got mad and they just told me "that's how we do things here".

So Philips' service's way to repair things is by using used parts even if the product is within it's warranty period? Just how legal is that?

So as you might imagine, I decided to just take the TV back and buy a new one...and as you might imagine, switch brands.

Thanks for reading, and if anyone has any thoughts to share, feel free to do so, I'd really like to know if it's not just my case like this.

P.S. I'm from Segovia, Spain.