Hi everybody, my name is John and I'm completely new here.

I have bought a 46pfl8007k/12 about six months ago and I have this weird problem while recording on a external USB HD. After a few minutes the sound (and subtitles) seems to lost sync with the image. The gap seems become more and more in time to approximately 15 seconds, then the sound stops completely and resumes after some time back in sync with the image. The whole process starts again after a few minutes. It seems to happen only when I record a movie and does not appear when recording another program. Mostly the channel is 2BE, a Belgian (flemish) broadcaster.
Their movies start always very late in the evening, that's why I prefer recording and watch the day after, but it always goes wrong.
Add. information:
-Drive hooked up on TV
-TV has latest FW
-provider TV-Vlaanderen (Sat. Astra1,2,3)
-CAM TV-Vlaanderen (latest FW) + Card
-Used different HD but no luck.
-Neighbours are recording the movies on a cable box (other provider) in HD format without any problem.

Anybody knows what is happening here?

My apologies for grammatical errors, english is not my native language.