What is your opinion on the "rapid start" function in combination with Easylink enabled audio equipment?

Tv model: 46pfl9707

Specific feedback with respect to "rapid start" function. I have "rapid start" enabled in automatic mode.

Positive: rapid start option gives images directly when turning on tv.
Negative: hts9221 linked with Easylink by means of "TV Speaker automatic on function". Hts remains permanently on while TV is in suspended sleep mode for automatic switch on. Hts only switches off when The TV decides to go from suspended state into "real" off state.

In my opinion hts9221 should power down when tv is turned of even when "rapid start" is activated. I find the small switch from tv speaker to hts speakers when the tv is switched back on less anoying than the fact that hts remains on while tv is turned of in "sleep mode".

I also posted this as a suggestion to the developers in the software feedback thread. What is your opinion about this?