New software V1.54 (2010 models)

March 2, 2011: Software V1.54 has been released. This firmware improves the playback of ‘AVATAR Extended version’ Blu-ray disc.

To download the latest firmware, perform ECD upgrade by connecting your player to a network or go to our support site.
(The latest release is incorporated with all the benefits identified in the earlier version.)


2010-07-16 V1.30 for MKI
• Improve playback of ‘AVATAR’ Blu-ray disc.

2010-09-28 V1.31 for MKI
• Improve playback of certain BD, DVD discs.

2011-01-12 V1.36 for MKI
• Resolve the DivX registration code demonstration registration issue.
• Resolve HDMI connection issue.