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    Hey philips, please fix this in a new update (32pfl3606h)

    Hi guys,

    Ever since i bought a tv for my little brother i have felt bad about the purchase because the screen always looked too contrasted hence dark. But after long i found the perfect setting finally and it looks great. The problem is, there is a certain setting that gets reset when u turn off and turn on the tv again. Which i could swear is the dynamic contrast. Its a little effort go get it back to normal but i would still like this fixed for my little brother. To get it back to normal all u have to do is change the smart picture profile and then reactivate your profile. That simple

    Let me clarify about the setting i have.

    Brightness is on 50
    Contrast is on 70
    Colour on 50
    Sharpness on 0
    Noise reduction 0
    Tint had been adjusted to 133/100/72

    Digital crystal clear:
    >advanced sharpness on
    >dynamic contrast OFF
    >dynamic backlight off
    >mpeg artifact off
    >colour enhancement medium
    >gamma -3

    These options as a whole make for a great setting similar to what i have been used to with other tv's and gaming. I highly recommend it to others

    But to get back to my point. From all those settings, dynamic contrast gets reset everytime i switch off and switch on my tv.

    My tv model is 32pfl3606h/12
    Updated fw to 2.24

    Pls would anyone, or more importantly, philips confirm this and reply. I really think i found an issue here because people would may think their screen looked good after they adjusted it, and when they switch on the tv next time realise it doesnt look that great.

    You would make for a happy costumer were this to get fixed. Till then i will have to use that trick to let it readjust everytime i switch it back on
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