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    Quote Originally Posted by Philips - Benedickte View Post
    Hi Djawe.

    could you please confirm to me how you're switching your TV off? ( plug on wall, Remote control to standby or switch on TV?)

    Best regards,
    I use the remote controls turn on/off button. Occasionally I have my tv turn off completely with the button on the side of the tv, and sometimes have it plugged off(by removing the plug of a multiple plug connector like this)

    All with the same results, being that dynamic contrast is set on when I turn the tv back on, unless I change and turn back the smart tv setting.

    I just want to know if this is a common issue that people couldn't put their finger on, because games look really bad with dynamic contrast on, especially older consoles like playstation 2 and the wii.

    What I did to confirm my issue was having the smart tv presets being exact same with the only difference being dynamic contrast set off on the normal preset, and dynamic contrast set on maximum on the photo preset.

    When I turn on the tv with the photo preset, it looks exactly how I set it(with the dynamic contras set on maximum for the photo preset). But when I set it on the normal preset and turn on the tv, the preset looks like the photo preset(the one with the dynamic contrast on maximum). This is most apparant when I change it from normal to photo after i just switched on the tv, because nothing changes when i do that because going from the normal preset with the dynamic contrast resetted to on, and then switch to the photo preset gets me the exact same result, untill i turn it back to the normal preset, and then it decides to activate my dynamic contrast setting(to off).
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