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    7007 problem 3D gaming SniperElite natzi


    I bought this tv and i have 2 problems with the game including some other problems.

    I have 7970 Ati card with newest drivers connected to HDMI 1 with 1.4 HDMI performance cable from monoprice.

    I had before Philips 8404 and in full screen the game filled the whole screen like it should with 1080p60, now with this tv i only get square screen with 1080p24, i can't figure how to fix it.

    The seconds problem is even with 3D disabled from ingame and from TV i still get 1080p24, there is no setting to change HZ. but there is a console, maybe from there, which i don't know ther command if there's one.

    It happened with 00.133.5 firmware
    It happened with 00.182 firmware
    It happens with 00.183 firmware

    bhaa that's serious bs,, Radeon 7970 and 7700 can do 1080p60 using HDMI 1.4a, why the TV doesn't support that ?? it's been for ages.
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