Hi together,

whenever I try to start IP EPG at 20:15 (CET) here in Munich it totally stucks. Even reload page at options does not help.
SmartTV itself works fine independent of the time of day. This is very reproduce able. The most obvious reason is the high number of requests because around 20:15 two things occur in overlay:
1st a lot of customers start IP EPG on order to have a look whats up in TV at main time.
2nd at almost all TV channels around in Europe at 20:15 a new Tv show starts. this means that a big loop of updates take place - remove the ol show, shift the current show from 'next' to 'now' add a other upcoming show at 'next'.

Last time we had very big trouble with IP EPG was at Christmas season 2012/2013. At this time Philips mod mentioned that not the server capacity was the bottle neck but their software and access structure. It seems that this structure isn't more efficient that at the beginning of the year.

Please Philips have a detailed look in your logfiles whats going on at 20:15 and I sure you will find your bottle neck.