Most all specifications sheets are very sparse when referring to USB external support. It is very important to list the resolution support, the formats, and the external devices supported. Many people buy and are very disappointed when the USB external HDD they hook to the USB Port is not recognized. Or if it is, sometimes the size of the HDD capacity may be too large.

I spent the last two days with online chat to Samsung, etc Everyone was very confused when I said I have a external 2.5 inch laptop in a case with over 400 movies I watch. It is a 500 gig and I want to use the USB Port on my BluRay DVD Player to load my divx, xvid, or MKV files. But, I want to insure the USB will read HD movie files. I have two Philips DVD Players, one a Home Theater. they have never had a problem reading .divx files or many other formats, but refuse to play video on anything above standard 720 x through the USB Port. It always says no codec support if you go above 720 x video file. It has been a terrific pain converting and resizing my movies to 720 resolution.

I ordered the Philips BDP3406F7 I mentioned in the header. Can someone tell me what the max resolution I can expect to read through the USB Port with my external hdd or flash drive. By reading the manual, I believe it should not be a problem anymore.