For the first time last nigh the update procedure failed. I received a message on the screen saying that the update cannot complete and I was advised to take out the USB, turn off the TV then turn on and follow the instructions on the screen. I did this then it was "no software present". I reinserted the USB flash drive and the Update restarted and completed. It was an adrenaline ride!

On the update procedure:
1. Turn on the TV set
2. Insert the USB flash drive with the autorun.upg file in it
3. The TV will detect the upgrade automatically if the autorun.upg version is newer that the sw version on the TV and will start the upgrade process
4. Wait till a message stating that the upgrade is complete, remove all inserted USB devices and pull the power cord for one minute.
5. Remove all USB devices and pull the cord.
6. Wait 2 minutes to be sure that all processes ended
7. Plug in the cord.
8. Enjoy / get frustrated by your TV!

There you go. I performed this procedure for each upgrade since the initial fw the TV was first shipped.